BlueFire Apps

BlueFire Apps allows you to select the appropriate Application for your needs (Trucks, Yachts, Motorhomes, etc). The App is free and can be downloaded and installed from the App Stores listed below. It will run completely in Demo mode so you can get a feel for it's capabilities before purchasing an Adapter.

Note, BlueFire Apps supersedes the BlueFire for Trucks and the BlueFire for Motorhomes Apps and no longer supports Electronic Data Logging for Trucks.

Apple App Store

Google Play Store - Or you can download it from this link and then side-load it. If you're unfamiliar with side-loading Android Apps, just search Google for instructions.

Microsoft Store - BlueFire Apps is no longer in the Microsoft Store. You need to download it from this link and then side-load it. Note, this is a large file and will take some time to download. See the Getting Started Document for instructions on Microsoft side-loading. 

A Getting Started document is available from the following link. It is highly recommended to download this and go through it before installing the App and purchasing an Adapter. 

Getting Started Document

For a quick look at some of the App pages and to review the App, click on a image below.

BlueFire Apps

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