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3.19 Updates:

    •  Added support for J1708 Extended Pids (Boost Pressure > 32).
    •  Turning off the App heartbeat will not cause an Adapter heartbeat timeout.
    •  Requires App versions 4.3.0+ (Motorhomes) or 6.3.0+ (Trucks).

3.19.1 Updates:

    •  Internal improvements.
    •  Android and Windows use the large 264 byte BLE client packet.
    •  Compatible with App versions 1.0.0+ (Motorhomes) or 4.12.0+ (Trucks).

3.19.2 Updates:

    •  Fixed adapter going dark (no LEDs) when it should not.
    •  Added the ability to change the J1708 Data Bus Timeout value.
    •  Fixed adapter not recognizing ignition key off for certain J1708 conditions.
    •  Longer adapter notification messages can now be sent to the App.