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Important Note: This update has been superseded with Firmware 3.23. If your Adapter has a 3.22 Firmware you need to update it to 3.23 or send it in for the update.

3.22 Updates:
    •  Added a firmware update date.
    •  BLE Adapters will reboot if the connection fails.
    •  Increased the initial heartbeat timeout to allow for better first connections.
    •  The Adapter will wait for all data requests to be sent from the App before responding with data.
    •  Changed the Adapter Heartbeat to 30 seconds and Heartbeat Interval to 5 seconds for 2.1 and 3.1 Adapters.
    •  Rebooting after App disconnection will show red LEDs through the entire reboot cycle.
    •  Fixed Testing the Adapter LEDs blinking green/red after a test and the ignition is turned off.
    •  Fixed bug where ECM data is not transmitted to the Adapter when the key is turned on for the first time. Patched in App version 9.6.0.
    •  Fixed bug where 'Key On' is sent incorrectly after disconnecting with key on and reconnecting with key off. Patched in App version 9.5.7.
    •  Removed the 6-Pin specific version but still fully compatible with 6-pin Adapters.
    •  Added persistent storage for the Adapter serial number, and hardware and firmware versions.
    •  Supports the new 4.1 Adapter compatible with App version 9.6.4+.

3.22.1 Updates:
    •  Internal improvements to App connection.
    •  Compatible with App version 9.6.6+.
    •  Available with Firmware Update version 6.2.1.

3.22.2 Updates:
    •  The Adapter's Serial Number and Build Date are verified before sending to the App.
    •  Available with Firmware Update version 6.2.2.

3.22.3 Updates:
    •  Fixed 4.1 Adapters not connecting to the App.
    •  Fixed J1708 initial data not being retrieved.
    •  Reboots immediately if user data has not changed.
    •  Internal improvements.
    •  Available with Firmware Update 6.2.3.

3.22.4 Updates:
    •  Fixed the Adapter not going to sleep.
    •  Improved connection reliability.
    •  The Adapter will silently reboot under the following conditions:
        •  After it goes to sleep.
        •  When it is disconnected from the App.
        •  Every 2 hours if not connected to the App.
    •  After the 2 hour reboot, the user reset timer will be restarted to allow a user reset.
    •  Available with Firmware Update 7.0.0.
        •  Firmware Update 7.0.0 now only needs to be downloaded and installed once.
        •  Updated firmware files are automatically downloaded from the Internet.

3.22.6 Updates:
    •  Faster App connection.
    •  More reliable App connection for 3.1 Adapters.
    •  Fixed Adapter Build Year of 2038.
    •  Possible improvement to J1708 data retrieval.
    •  Exceptions will wait 15 seconds to allow for a Firmware re-flash.

3.22.7 Updates:
    •  Internal updates and improvements.

3.22.8 Updates
    •  J1708 data will be ignored if suspended (App setting 'Optimize Data Retrieval').
    •  Suspending J1708 will free up memory.
    •  Internal updates.

3.22.9 Updates:
    •  More reliable connection and data retrieval.
    •  Internal updates and improvements.