4 weeks ago
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While I really, really enjoy the flexibility provided within the BlueFire app... the level of frustration and "grinding" to perform the most basic of layouts is a bit frustrating.

Disclosure:  I might be a bit more OCD than others (I'm in the audio/video/graphic industry, so pixel-accuracy is just part of my life).

Request:  It would be 'nice' to have a visible grid that shows the snapping points when you're designing a new dash.  It would also be nice to see a temporary outline on the gauge itself, so see the bounding box and, most importantly, the snap point on the guage.  

Currently, If I have a grid that snaps at 25(x) and 25(y) pixel intervals and I create two similar gauges, one at 150 pixels wide and the other at 125 pixels wide, both set to align center/middle... I can NEVER seem to get them to align to each other (like if I were to stack them one on top of the other -- they're always misaligned just a tad,  I can ge them to align if one is 100 pixels and the other is 150 pixels.  It just seems like the gague's true center point might not be used or there is some other padding or factor at play.  Having a grid with objects that have snapping points (left/right/top/bottom/center/etc) would be so nice.

A HUGE gripe I have currently happens when I spend a bunch of time setting the font sizes for the gauges... and then I will sometimes set a new gauge size and, wouldn't you know it -- the font sizes seem to auto-scale, or something.  VERY trustrating, as every change requires a wait in-between screens.  It would be nice to have a global font size -- or maybe to have a check box on the gauges that allow for auto-scaling, or not.

This auto-scaling issue also happens with the Frame Size.  I found this out after trying to get two different gauges to align horizontally -- went back into the settings and eventually found out that the Frame Size had auto-scaled (likely due to me changing the Gauge Size -- similar to how font sizes also auto-scale when you change a Gauge Size).  Very frustrating.   It might be less frustrating if there was a way to "copy gauge attributes" and "paste" them onto a different gage to speed up the process.